White Seed has built our reputation on service.  We believe that our customers are our partners and we strive to provide the best possible service.  From full on-site delivery service, plenty of on-hand inventory, new and industry leading varieties, to assisting our customers daily by providing them with technical knowledge when needed .  We strive every day to make our customers successful.

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Seed Store

At White Seed we have access to many of the world’s top producers of all types of seeds.  From vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herbs, and cover crops you will find everything you are looking for right here.  Explore our many varieties with convenient packaging sizes for all your planting applications.  Visit our on-line store for seed and planting information and browse our huge selection.  Order on-line to compare our prices and save!


Trial Programs

We believe our success now and in the future is being a part of developing new and industry leading varieties of seed.  We have partnered with many of the leading seed producers in the world and coupled with our technical knowledge, White Seed is instrumental in trialing new varieties of product.  We include and work closely with our customers to manage seed trials effectively.  This partnership allows our customers to be on the leading edge of new product development and provides our producer partners with the valuable first hand insight needed to develop new varieties.

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Industry Links

  • California Seed Association
  • Vegetable Research and Information
    Center, UCD
  • Cooperative Extension Plant

White Seed Company was founded in 1982 by William (Bill) and Joan White and continues today as a locally owned and operated family business.  Since the beginning Bill’s philosophy has always been to provide the best possible service to his customers and that core value drives our company today.  Bill graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Science and has been involved in the farming and agriculture industry ever since.  He has worked as an educator teaching agriculture and worked as a farm manager all before founding White Seed Company.  This extensive experience allows White Seed to provide excellent recommendations and consulting services to our customers.  From its initial store located in Oxnard, CA, White Seed has grown over the years and now has three locations in Oxnard, Santa Maria, and Salinas, California.

The family tradition continues with Bill and Joan’s sons now involved in the company.  Jonas White, who also graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Plant Pathology has continued the tradition with the belief that working closer with farmers and producers allows White Seed to be at the forefront of new product development.  This approach has only increased the technical and real world experience White Seed offers our customers.  With over 50 years of farming experience, White Seed has the service, inventory, and technical experience to help our customers be successful.