Amaranthus Hot Biscuits
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Days to maturity: 65 to 75 days

Height:  48 inches

Season: early Spring to Fall

Color:  Copper/Bronze

Treatment:  Untreated seed


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Amaranthus Hot Biscuits is a tall, and well-branched flower that produces many plumes.  It is a good heat tolerance variety.  Hot Biscuits grows to about 48 inches tall, and matures in 65 to 75 days.  Hot Biscuits is a tall plant and grows best with 12 to 15 inch spacing.

Amaranthus Hot Biscuits has bold spikes of copper to bronze plumes. The Plumes rise above the foliage making it a splendid ornamental addition to the garden and/or the vase. The leaves remain green in color throughout the season.

Amaranthus growing conditions will depend on  the region and climate.  Growing season is from early spring to fall.   Areas of little to no frost will have a longer growing season.

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